JUMI Personal Alarm loud with LED Torch Self-protection for Girls Women Elderly Joggers NEW Design

Louder sound: draw attention even from a far distance. 3*ag13/lr44 button batteries included, user replaceable.
Brighter led flashlight: press the light button on the front to activate the bright led flashlight.
Easy to use: slide the switch to “alarm” to activate the alarm, and slide the switch to “off” to switch the alarm off.

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Safehaus Mini Self Defence Spray Criminal Identifier_P

One of the best-selling self-defence products in Great Britain. Easy to use, easy to carry and gives peace of mind
Does NOT contain tear gas or pepper spray. Small, pocket sized and easily fits in bags
Press to release and spray a red gel onto the attackers face, giving you vital seconds to escape and call the police. Farbgel will dye the assailants face and clothes for days.

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