Gum Shield Mouth Guard Boil Bite Mouthguard All Sport Boxing Martial Art Football hockey Rugby Baseball Karate Cricket ADULTS size (Black)

Professional quality mouth guard / gum shield.
Made from medicated hygienic food grade material as they are free of any smell / germs.
Ideally suitable for all sports, Tested and approved to the standard.

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Premium Boxing Gum Shield Mouth Guard ★ High Quality MMA Kickboxing Muay Thai Hockey Mouthpiece ★ Mouth Protector Judo Rugby Mouthguard Contact Sports Martial Arts Karate ★ MMA Boxing Guard Football Carry Case

PERSONALLY MOLDED YOUR OWN GUMSHIELD: Using a simple boil and bite system the gum shield molds around your teeth offering greater protection.
CRAFTED FROM 100% HIGH QUALITY EVA: For a safer protection for your teeth and mouth.
TRIPLE VENTILATED AIRFLOW SYSTEM: 3 Strategically placed vents provide additional airflow while training, helping get that little bit further.

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Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouth Guard

Gel Fit Liner for ultimate fit.
Shock absorbing exoskeleton for ultimate protection.
Built in Jaw Pads for extra shock absorbency.

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UK Warrior ‘Vampire’ Mouth guard – The Ultimate Gum Shield for Boxing, Martial Arts, Karate, Rugby – Ideal Teeth Protection For Contact Sports – 100% Sterile Carry Case Included With Fitting Instructions – 100% Money Back Guarantee

UK’s NO. 1 SELF-FIT MOUTH GUARD – Our gum shield has been designed to take into account the heavy impacts and hits that martial artists, boxers, rugby players, etc. have to face during every performance
WANT SMARTER PROTECTION IN AN INSTANT? Our mouth guard has been designed to allow you to boil, bite and fit the mouth guard perfectly within a matter of seconds without compromising on it’s extreme gel protection
INDESTRUCTIBLE GEL TECH DESIGN – Our gum shields feature smart protection gel tech grooves which allow for supreme breathing ability and shock absorbent ability to allow you to perform at your very best every time!

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UK Warrior Gum Shield Mouth Guard Gum Guard Gumshield – Ideal For Contact Sports, Martial Arts, Karate, Rugby, MMA, Boxing, Hockey, Football – Carry Case – Instructions For Boil & Bite – 100% Money Back Guarantee

OUR GUM SHIELD COMES WITH INSTRUCTIONS & MADE FROM HEAVY DUTY COMFORTABLE ACRYLIC – To withstand heavy blows which come from sports such boxing, rugby, MMA etc.
THESE GUM SHIELDS ARE TOP OF THE RANGE. CAN BE MOULDED EASILY INTO MOUTH – Comes with simplified instructions which allow you to easily mould the gum shield onto your teeth
GUM SHIELDS ARE IDEAL FOR PROTECTION DURING ANY TYPE OF SPORT. – Many sports such as rugby, MMA, karate, hockey etc. require mouth guards as they allow for better protection of the gums and teeth as well as the mouth on a whole

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Ultimate Protection Mouldable Sports Mouth Guard – Boil and Bite Custom-Fit Gum Shield for Youth and Adult Boxing, MMA, UFC, Soccer, Rugby, Hockey, Muay Thai, Basketball, Judo, Karate and Contact Sports

Ultimate Protection: Many athletes suffer with chipped teeth, broken teeth, even root damage and tooth loss. Our mouth guard was designed to protect against these tragedies and offer unbeatable protection for the gums and mouth.
Superior custom fit: ‘Boil & Bite’ design to accurately fit teeth morphology. Once fitted these are broken down to give a superior custom fit inner channel for perfect fit and retention.
Breathe easy & Shock-absorbency: The air through channel from front allow air to escape, and can improve breathing and speech; The bumps on the back can prevent slipping and strengthen shock resisting.

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