3X Zero Impact Head Guard for Boxing MMA MUAY THAI with Face Grill Protection – Black Red

High Quality Rex Leather.
IMT Three layers of Gel Integrated Thick Foam.
Special sweat absorbing soft Non-Slip inner liner material.

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Blitz Sport Dipped Foam Hood

Light and safe
Easy to put on and remove
Air holes throughout to reduce sweat

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Boxing Headguard Leather Headgear with Cheek

Cow hide leather
Cheek Protection
Velcro chin strap fastening

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Boxing/Martial Arts Protective Face Gear Training- Grill Head Guard

Full Face Rex Leather Headguard
Comes With Black Remove able PVC Mask
It also incorporates a remove able Black Pvc Mask for use with contact sports training equipment.

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Farabi Head Guard Boxing MMA Muay Thai Workout Practice, Full Face Head guard Head Protector headgear Boxing Head Guard Protector MMA Kickboxing Martial Arts Helmet Taekwondo head gear

Farabi P-Grill head guard series is crafted to give protection to the most sensitive areas.
The aesthetic Smart-F design provide protection and comfort at its very best.
Made from tri layered Pad-X which diverge the impact of force and refrain its transmission to the head.

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Farabi Head Guard Boxing MMA Muay Thai Workout Practice, Full Face Headguard Head Protector headgear Boxing Helmet Martial Arts Helmet Kickboxing jiu jitsu karate taekwondo bjj martial arts training helmet

Farabi Female Head guard series is articulated with 6th Gen Sensation specifically for the real women fighters. Made from high quality durable replicated Leather this head guard can survive the most deadly blows.
Equipped with tri layered Pad-X technology, this head guard series is extremely shock absorbent. Inspired by the Z-Smart design series by Farabi the headguard provide better viewing angles and smart feel.
The internal PU-lining provide added comfort and protection. Velco-L strap at the chin provide snugness at its best.

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Farabi Hear Guard Boxing MMA Muay Thai Workout Practice, Full Face Headguard Head Protector headgear

Farabi Synthetic leather head guard series is made from the leather-X tech which give it extra durability and strength. The head protector is designed to take massive punishment. The head guard has the ability to resist the shock and disseminate the impact.
The internal Tri- layered PU-X padding provide extra protection to the head and face injury. The head guard is designed to protect the sensitive areas of the head and face and provide better viewing angles during training and combat. Farabi Ultra-light weight head guard provide easy movement, better viewing angles and perfect snugness.
Equipped with adjustable wide Swift-Z Velcro closure system for sung fit. This headgear is ultra-light weight which don’t hamper the head movement and visibility and it gives the perfect viewing sight which help the reflexes to act as quickly as possible.

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Full Contact Leather Ultra Light Escrima Head Guard

Offers full Face Protection
Made from Leather
Steel Face Cage

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Head Guard with removable face Grill Boxing martial arts Blk/w- small-xl

Well Padded Training Head Guard
Has a detachable grill to the front, securely held on with re-enforced Velcro straps
contstructed from a toughened plastic it is then covered in rex leather

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HITBOY VIGOR ADULT BOXING HEAD GEAR HELMET New Pro-Style MMA Fighting Training Sports Equipment Muay Thai Kickboxing Punching Kicking Head Protection Sparring Protector Head Guard

HITBOY New style Head Guard Man-made leather for a helmet that lasts longer.
Multi-layered shock absorbing inner foams and International cheek pads for incredible results.
Removable / Optional PVC Plastisol sheathed face grill for extra protection

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KMA Dipped Foam Head Guard Martial Arts Karate Taekwondo Black Red

Dipped foam head guard offering good protection and comfort.
Ventilation holes to allow better airflow around all areas of the head, available in red or black.

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