250hz Classic Gyroscopic Hand Grip Exerciser Ball for Strengthening Forearm Muscles or Rehabilitation of a Broken Wrist

Cool tech gadgets which have been balanced to exceed 15000rpm spin speeds with zero vibration powered just by your wrist (see video)
Weighs less than 300g but generates from 0-15kg of inertial resistance for powerful forearm exercise and grip strength
Great gifts for guys, 250Hz Classic is small and portable, can be used anywhere and gives a fantastic arm workout in just 60 seconds

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Exercise & Fitness Equipment Boxing/martial Arts Leather Skipping Rope

9ft leather skip rope with foam covered handles and roller action

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Fight Ball Reflex, Xshuai Punch Exercise for Boxing and Reaction Speed Practice Training ,MMA and other combat sports for All Ages

✿ Improve reaction speed and hand eye coordination, Accuracy and speed punch.The harder to hit the ball, the faster it comes back. Trajectory of the ball depends on the point of your kick. You must have time to react to the ball and hit it or leave.
✿ Excellent alternative to the gym, strengthens all muscle groups.Of course, it’s a great gift!
✿ LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE- You can take this fight ball reflex tennis ball with you anywhere. You can attach it to be back of your baseball cap. Will perfectly fit into your pocket and backpack. Very convenient for transportation.

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Gym Master 60mm Thick Padded Gymnastics Floor Crash Mat in Black – Choice Of Sizes

Gym Master 60mm Thick Floor Mats – Available In 3 Sizes – 90 x 90cm / 90 x 120cm / 90 x 150cm
Made From High Density Foam For Superior Comfort During Landing Or Falls. This Mat Is Ideal For Fitness, Gymnastics, Dance & Martials Arts Activities
Handy Velcro Design Makes It Easy To Join Multiple Mats Together. Easy to Store And Carry With Built In Handles

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Heavy Grips Men’s Hand Gripper

They will appeal to anyone looking to better their performance in the gym, doing martial arts or any other sport where grip is important.
Six strengths from the HG100 “Beginner” – rated at 100lbs / 45 kg to the HG350 “The Grip Monster” – rated at 350lbs / 159 kg
Solid high quality aluminum handles are knuckled and coated for a firm non slip grip.

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HMILYDYK Portable Finger Exerciser Hand Strengthener Grip Trainer 4 Tension Adjustment Ergonomic Silicone for Guitar, Piano, Golf, Tennis & Physical Therapy

Compact Size: 87mm*70mm*23mm and Ultra-light design, anywhere anytime carry with you in your luggage, purse, or desk at the office – increase agility, dexterity, and mobility with our finger squeezer equipment
Using ABS silicone material, A soft silicon button at the top and bottom, anti-slip and comfortable pressing, will not hurt your fingers. Durable and long-lasting.
Individual finger tension is adjustable, the tension ranges from 4LB to 7LB. You can select different tensions for each finger, providing all-in-one hand fitness.

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Krav Maga Melon Striking Ball Fitness Training mma boxing Workout Exercise Balls ( Filled )

Krav Ball – the perfect training tool. Designed to be head shaped, great for striking and kick training, allows 360 degree strikes. Two strong handles at the back are perfect for holding it at any desired height for striking or … Read More

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Leg Stretcher: Get More Flexible With The Door Flexibility Trainer PRO by EverStretch: Premium stretching equipment for ballet, dance, MMA, taekwondo & gymnastics. Your own portable stretch machine!

❤️️ ACHIEVE FULL SPLITS FAST. Easy-to-use leg stretcher to improve your leg flexibility, balance and range of motion in a natural body position. Just a few weeks of consistent use and your friends will notice considerable improvements to your movements.
⚜️ MOVE EFFORTLESSLY. Flexibility equipment that’s ready to use in a few seconds: put the door anchor over any sturdy doorpost, close the door and pull the strap through the D-ring and you’re ready to take your poses to the next level. Like a portable stretch machine!
☺️️ MAKES STRETCHING MORE COMFORTABLE. Train with confidence. Nothing will break due to use of high quality materials: 150gr cotton strap that smoothly slides through 6mm solid metal welded D-ring. Door anchor secures the strap with a metal bolt through a metal plate.

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Lions® Heavy Duty 3 Bar Leg Stretcher Stretching Machine Martial Arts Yoga Legs Stretch

Lions Fitness, Yoga, Martial Arts, Heavy Duty Leg Stretcher
Designed to Help Achieve Greater Flexibility & Range of Motion
Includes Centre Handle Bar & Two Leg Extension Bars Each With Soft Foam Grips

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Martial Arts Deluxe Flexi Max Leg Stretcher

Folds Down
Stretchers to 180 Degrees
Made From Strong Metal

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